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Mediation is a voluntary, problem-solving process, available to assist divorcing couples work out a mutual agreement on the issues which must usually be resolved in any divorce such as parenting, support, and division  of property. Mediation is for couples who have made a decision to divorce or who are unsure whether to divorce, but want a  separation. It is also for couples who are already divorced but who have a post-decree dispute.  Mediation is not only for couples who agree. It is a process designed to help any couple regardless of existing  differences.

Mediation Process

With the assistance of a trained neutral third party (a mediator), the couple works to identify, negotiate, and resolve in a fair way the issues raised by the decision to divorce. When those  issues have been resolved, the mediator will draft a memorandum of agreement. This is reviewed by the couple and given to their attorneys for legal implementation. An attorney will then draw up a formal settlement  agreement. The divorce may then go through the courts as an uncontested matter. Mediation varies in length depending on the agenda, the complexity of the issues involved and the readiness of  the couple to resolve these issues. However, the average mediation usually takes about five two-hour sessions. Each client is urged to seek legal representation during the mediation process. While the decisions reached in mediation are made by the divorcing individuals, we believe that each person should have available to them an attorney with whom they can confer should they so feel the need.

Reducing the Conflict

Mediation is often helpful in working past the anger, conflict and loss associated with separation and divorce. This process also can become the setting in which a sound foundation for the future may be established. This results in minimizing the disruption in the lives of all family members. Experience has shown that settlements reached through mediation are more likely to be accepted and honored by both parties than those reached through the traditional adversarial process. Such agreements are also likely to be worked out more quickly and at less expense.

Experienced, Trained in All Areas of Divorce & Family Law Mediation 

The Dearborn, Northville, Trenton (all downriver) and Troy Michigan Mediation Centers are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of legal and mental health professionals who are experienced in family law and family therapy, and specially trained in mediation. In addition, the Michigan Mediation Centers have established linkages with area attorneys, tax consultants, financial planners, and pension valuation specialists whose expertise may be called upon as needed. They support the mediation process while ensuring that each party's interests are equally protected.

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Divorce Mediation

Why Divorce Mediation?    

Mediation allows the divorcing couple to create their own divorce agreement.    

• Mediation reduces the adverse effects of divorce on the children - a dissolution of the marriage and reorganization.

• Mediation is less expensive.    

• Mediation provides for a fair division of assets.    

• Mediation provides a neutral environment in which divorcing couples can discuss options and vent feelings openly.    

• Mediation assists individuals in making the transition from being a married person to being a single person.   

• Mediated divorce agreements are more likely to be adhered to than litigated or stipulated divorce agreements.    

• The divorcing couple has a better understanding of the terms contained in the divorce agreement.   

• Mediation encourages post-divorce cooperation.    

• Mediation is available for post-divorce disputes.

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